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On a clear winter morning, Jo-Anne Critchley Browne looks out across a vista of white, broken only by the spruce trees at the edge of her country property just outside of Matheson, Ontario. Coming home was a journey for Jo-Anne. Like many young people born and raised in Northern Ontario, Jo-Anne left for college not knowing if she would return. In 1974 she graduated from Sheridan College, School of Design with a major in Jewellery and Metal Work. The next seven years of her life involved many moves about Ontario and Eastern Canada. During this time Jo-Anne worked professionally as a metal artist from her home studio. But the compass of her heart drew north, and in  1981 Jo-Anne, her husband Bob and their two young children returned to Matheson. From her studio in the country, Jo-Anne owns and operates Critchley Browne, a jewellery design business. The unique one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces she creates are constructed by hand, using a variety of metals, stones and pearls. Her work is contemporary, yet timeless. Over the years Jo-Anne has taken part in 45 exhibitions in Ontario, British Columbia and Mexico, winning 19 awards for her work in various categories.


"The environment etches images on my mind and my craft develops them."


Over the years, my work has taken a strong and very personal direction. This has evolved as a result of my connection to the natural world. It surrounds, excites and nourishes my creative passion. Northern Ontario is my home. I am in awe of its wild beauty and rugged strength. The ever changing seasons awaken my senses to an abundance of colours, shapes, shadows and textures. My feet are firmly planted, giving me the courage and the insight to step forward and express myself. My work displays a collection of organic and graphic designs; they are both statements of my inspiration.

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